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Admission Policy

The School shall admit each student, seeking admission, based on the selection criteria as given according to the School Policy. Students who have completed their O level from our campus, LGS OPF, are not guaranteed admission into our A Level Programme. They are also required to meet the benchmarks set up by the School for getting admission in our campus. The School reserves the right to offer or refuse admission to any candidate.

General Instructions for Applying

Security Refund Policy

Please note that the security refund is valid only within six months of a student’s removal from the rolls (usually Jul – Dec). No claims of security refund will be entertained after the said period in any case.

Scholarship Policy

As an educational institution, one of our core values is commitment to honouring achievement. We have a comprehensive merit scholarship programme that upholds our commitment to rewarding scholastic achievement.
Scholarships to study in our A-Level programme are decided primarily on merit and, in very special circumstances, on financial need basis. Deserving applicants may apply for scholarships on entering the programme. To remain eligible for the scholarship, a student must maintain an A grade in all the subjects she has chosen. Failure to do so may result in the scholarship being transferred to a more deserving candidate.

A limited number of scholarships are available on the basis of leadership and excellence in sports and co-curricular activities. Those awarded scholarships are expected to actively participate in and represent the institution in their area of achievement.

Criteria for Academic Scholarships

The extent of the merit scholarship, an entrant into our A Level programme receives, depends on her performance in the O Level examination. The A Level Scholarship will be offered on the basis of merit to deserving students. Please remember, scholarships are revised after the A1 Promotion Examination.

Please feel free to contact the A Level Office at the school should you have any questions about the A’ Level programme and the opportunities we offer.