A Level Programme

The A Level Head's Welcome

We welcome you to our exhilarating and vibrant A Level Programme which offers an exciting educational journey of discovery. This journey, with us, will allow you to find infinite opportunities to enjoy campus life by learning, exploring, and interacting. Here at LGS OPF, we not only strive for academic excellence but also motivate and empower our students to be ‘leaders’. We endeavor to inculcate trust, respect, innovation and sense of responsibility in our students to prepare them for real life challenges.

We believe that academic excellence is depicted through the ability to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities. Thus, we select the most seasoned and accomplished faculty and constantly strive to innovate our teaching methodologies in order to align them with the ever changing pedagogical needs.

Our Alumni placements in the top ranking universities of the world, along with generous scholarships, confirm that academic excellence is identified with achieving high grades and superior performance.

Once a Grammarian, always a Grammarian...

Ms. Sabahat

Our Faculty

Mr. Wasim Zia

Ms. Naveen Qasim

Dr. Saima Sarfraz

Mr. Khalid Malik

Mr.Kashif Aziz

Mr. Qamar Fayyaz

Mr. Latif Khan

Mr. Asim Mehboob

Ms. Aneela Hashmi

Mr. Ali Rizwan

Ms. Summer Rizwan

Dr. Amra Raza

Dr. Robeena Tahir

Mr. Shaan Tahir

Mr. Mujtaba Hassan Jafri

Mr. Mian Muhammad Asif

Mr Javaid Ahmad

Mr. Zia Ahmad

Mr. Arshad Chaudhry

Mr. Khalil Akhtar

Ms. Asma Ahmad

Ms. Komal Faisal

Ms. Sameet Afzaal Alam

Ms. Kinza Yusha

Mr. Murtaza Zahoor

Mr. Uzair Mahmood

Subjects We Offer